What about setting 48-Hour Productivity from a 24-hour day?

So many things, so little time, right? Wrong!

Time management is all about working SMARTER, not harder!

Focus and motivation are the basis for achieving our goals and being more productive. Distraction turns seemingly busy days into wasted time, producing a negative impact on our productivity.

You will learn the best time management and productivity strategies to focus on what really matters, prioritizing those actions that lead to the achievement of our short and long term goals in order to fulfill your life: get more work done in half the time!


Everyone's time is valuable, and you may assign a monetary value to it or not. Over time, poor time management skills can cause a lack of sleep, unhappiness, and health complications, even as stress.

While there are many ways to improve the management of time - like writing a program, prioritizing, setting your sleep patterns, and downloading productivity applications - if not fully understood why the management of time is essential, it may not motivate you to change.


Therefore, it is necessary to look at the big picture and get the right dose of motivation.

Why time management is so important? Here are the top 10 reasons.

Time Management improves your self-discipline

Let's be honest; If you have excellent time management skills, you are probably highly disciplined. You're the kind of person that procrastination stops short and goes ahead to achieve your goals.

This discipline improves other areas of your life: from career to relationships.

In other words, the better you get at managing time, the better your self-discipline will be.

This will make you more successful in fulfilling the goal in all areas of your life: personal and professional.

Time Management improve the quality of your work

Have excellent time management skills does not mean that you will not sleep to meet a deadline. This means that you manage your time effectively focusing on the actions that really matter and avoiding what is not necessary.

According to research, almost half of Americans regularly get a lack of sleep and report that it interferes with their daily lives. A good night's sleep is needed if you want to produce excellent quality work and time management skills will help you get the rest you need.


Time Management will make you relax more and better

Between work, family commitments, and errands, most of us do not get enough time to relax. If you want to have enough time to rest, relax, and get ready for the next day, excellent time management skills are essential.

You need to know how to organize your working time and relaxing time to recover mentally and physically after a long session of work.


Time Management reduces stress

Take a few minutes to reflect on your day: Do you feel as if you are always busy? Are you unable to complete your work or you do not achieve the results you would like to achieve?

If you answer are not so positive, you may probably feel stressed. When you do not feel like you have control of your time and is always working frantically to meet deadlines, probably your health is suffering.

Time Management skills can help reduce or even eliminate stress, you can become more productive over time without being so stressed.


Time Management opens new possibilities

If you go through life running from one task to another, you never have the opportunity to explore different possibilities. With more time, you may be able to volunteer for a charity or help someone in need locally. It is difficult to put a monetary value on these tasks, but are innately fulfilling and enriching.


Time Management helps your relationships

Excellent time management skills are essential for healthy relationships. The more time you spend with your friends and family, the better your relationships will be. You are about to make better decisions, have better ideas, and people around you will notice your positive behaviour. Strong personal relationships are the keys to improve all the other aspects of your life.


Time Management improves your career

Instead of going with the flow, you can control your life and take the initiative. Being on time, meeting deadlines, delivering projects before the scheduled time, completing all your tasks will be noticed in the company and this will help increase your chances of promotion.


Time Management improves your decision-making capabilities

Time Management skills will reduce your stress and this has a powerful effect on the quality of your everyday decisions about career, relationships and personal goals. Through the effective management of time, you can prevent bad decisions you make when you feel stressed, tired, or depressed.


Time Management will make you achieve more

Having control of your time is very good for productivity. You will find that you can get much more done in less time. You do not need to rush as long as you have an efficient way to plan your daily, weekly or monthly tasks. You are going to breeze through your workday, and the time will fly.


Time Management is to stop wasting opportunities

Poor time management skills will destroy your productivity, and this, in turn, will result in lost opportunities, for example in the career ladder.

When you manage your time in the best possible way, you are creating a positive cycle and a success-based routine. You'll perform better at work, grab more opportunities, have more free time, and feel generally happier. Excellent time management skills dramatically improve all aspects of your life.

All you have to do is get started!