Dear "I'll do it later" Friends,

My name is Claudia Simonetto and for the last 5 years I've been helping people to avoid procrastination, by showing them how to build good habits for success and stick to their goals. Setting targets and deadlines lead me to develop and implement  the most effective strategies to increase motivation and improve results maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Every person without exception has a hidden potential inside. Learn to harness your potential by creating long-term success.

I'm going to reveal how you can quickly stop procrastinating, no matter how difficult you think it is, no matter how deeply this behavior is rooted in you. You just need to understand what excites you and focus on the high-value actions that will lead you to reach your life goals and live on your own terms.

I know you'll find this EXTREMELY valuable..

Because I'm going to show you a PROVEN Personal Breakthrough Formula for effectively setting and achieving your goals by increasing your motivation.

Who Needs This Hacks to Increase Motivation to Stop Procrastinating?

Does any of the following sound familiar…

  • You put something off to do at a later time

  • You are not tired, you are lazy

  • Your trend is "I'll do it later" or "I'll do it one of these days"

  • You have weeks to work on a project and wait until the day before to work on it

  • You feel that the more you procrastinate, the more stressed you are

  • You get stuck halfway to your goals

  • You always think "There is plenty of time”

  • You are no longer motivated to achieve your goals

  • You spend time on social media or watching puppy videos  instead of working on your goals.
  • You don't have clear goals or you don't know exactly how to achieve them

  • You want to understand why you are procrastinating

  • You want to accomplish more in a shorter period of time and minimize procrastination

  • You want to lower your stress and improve any aspect of your life

  • You want to kill distractions and stay focused on what really matters to achieve both your personal and professional goals

Almost ANY behavior problem you can think of can be quickly and easily cured with the simple techniques I'm about to show you.

Once you learn these simple strategies for Increasing Your Motivation you will be amazed at how quickly procrastination disappears!

Discover smart and simple ways to motivate yourself and change your habits to achieve your goals

The Science Behind Motivation

The science behind increasing your motivation is simple.

When we feel motivated, a chemical substance is released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. This plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.

Our brains is capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors, you just need to train your brain with the right mental inputs, that you will get in my ebook.

You will focus on what really matters and build a successfull routine.

Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try

The less you procrastinate, the more likely you are to start working towards your goal.

The more motivated you are, the more you will strive to achieve the best results.

The less you procrastinate and the more motivated you are, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

Experience has taught me that we simply need the right stimuli to unlock and increase our motivation.

When you stimulate your mind correctly…

  • You will set the right goals to motivate yourself

  • You will find your WHY to discover your life purpose

  • You will learn strategies to boost your motivation

  • You will understand why you procrastinate and how to stop it

  • You will learn about motivation and how to boost it

  • You will learn how to finish what you start

  • You will learn the ability to gain your self-discipline

  • You will learn how to form a new successful habit in the next 30 days

Why ANYBODY can use the strategies in this ebook to stop procrastinating

and start working towards his/her goals?

Because you get easy to understand directions and step-by-step strategies you can use everyday ​​to quickly increase your motivation and overcome procrastination.

Because you get a simple-to-follow process. Learn practical hacks to get more work done in half the time!

Because I have personally used this formula, I would not apply something that is not the best strategy for myself. Using the exact same training formula I'm about to share with you, I have successfully helped clients to change their mindset and habits to focus on what really matters in order to fulfill their life.

How To Increase Motivation, Stop Procrastinating

and Change Habits To Achieve Your Goals

And Create A Growth Mindset For Success

After learning and applying the techniques explained in this ebook, you will be able to:

Dramatically increase your motivation and self-discipline

Break bad habits like wasting time on useless activities

Identify the high-value actions to achieve your goals by creating a daily success routine

Here's a Sneak Peak at What You Get Inside 'The Complete Beginner's Guide To Stop Procrastinating And Increase Motivation' ebook:

Chapter 1 - Do Not Motivate Yourself To Reach Goals. Set Goals To Motivate Yourself.

Chapter 2 - Find Your 'Why' To Discover Your Life Purpose.

Chapter 3 - 9 Strategies for Motivation That Work.

Chapter 4 - The 3 Real Reasons You Procrastinate And How To Stop.

Chapter 5 - How To Boost Your Motivation With A Dose Of Science.

Chapter 6 - How to Finish What You Start.

Chapter 7 - 4 Proven Methods For Gaining your Self Discipline.

Chapter 8 - How To Form A New Habit In The Next 30 Days.

You Will Also Get These Fast Action BONUSES:

Discover The Six Simple Steps To Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

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  • How to set realistic goals. Finally, you'll be able to reach your goals using this one simple technique
  • How to get into the habit of checking and reviewing your progress so you can make sure you're steering in the right direction.
  • How to surround yourself with the right people.
  • How to accept failures and take them as lessons.
  • How to avoid being burned out.
  • How to find the right work / life balance.
  • Plus, lots more!

Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing

Regular Price: $27.00 - Today: FREE

  • Discover 101 easy ways to motivate yourself for success.  Some times we just need to boost or kick to get us going again.
  • The three major reasons why most people fail to maintain motivation.
  • How to devise a plan of action so you can stay on track with your goals.
  • How to stop procrastinating and instead start doing.
  • Why tackling the worst tasks first can lead to better outcomes.
  • How to build momentum to keep on going and moving forward.
  • Why asking for help is a good way to get and stay motivated.
  • How to condition you mind and beliefs so you can say more positives messages.
  • Tactics to get you motivated such as aiming for a cause, joining a group or mastermind, writing reasons why you want to achieve your goals..
  • ...and much, much more!

Meeting Realistic Goals Can Be Easy if You Have the Right Understanding of the Process

Regular Price: $17.00 - Today: FREE

  • Understanding the basics of setting goals
  • Living in reality when determining objectives
  • Getting started and staying committed
  • Visualizing the process rather than the outcome
  • Eliminating shock and surprise
  • Shifting focus and making modifications when necessary
  • Recognizing the difference between the goal and the aim
  • Knowing when to stop
  • Enjoying the benefits of achieving your goals

Now Let's Talk About Your Investment

If you hired a motivational speaker to change your mindset you could expect to pay up to $450 per hour. To spend a full day's consulting would set you back a cool $3,500.

How much would you expect to pay for a formula that will eliminate the lack of motivation you are dealing with and create a productive success-based routine?

Well, it's less than you think. It's not $300. It's not $150. In fact, it's not even $75.
As a special launch price you can get my entire formula and the bonuses for just $17! What a deal!

Think about what it means and all the long-term benefits that this knowledge will bring you.

You will be able to turn your procrastination into productivity and increase your motivation to achieve your goals.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purpose, I want you to ask for and get your money back. No questions asked. We'll be happy to issue you a refund within the first 60 days after your purchase date if you're unhappy for any reason.

You've Got an Important Decision to Make Here

Option 1

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So if you're struggling right now - you will continue to struggle.

Option 2

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Option 3

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Imagine Your Life Without Procrastination

Picture what your life could be like just days from now.

You are finally working on your goals.

You are 100% focused on achieving what you want

You have eliminated bad habits and you have developed better ones

You stopped wasting time on useless activities and you finally reached the result you wanted


You Have Nothing To Lose

Accessing The Complete Beginner's Guide To Stop Procrastinating And Increase Motivation right now is a 100% risk-free decision. You cannot lose here. Click the instant access button right now and start creating a new life today.


How much time do I need? Can I do this while in school or full time job?
The knowledge in this ebook starts now and never ends! You decide when you start and when you finish.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites?
You should be hungry for success, excited to learn how to achieve more by working smarter, not harder! You should be willing to constantly practice the strategies explained in the ebook and the bonuses to increase your motivation and improve your time management and productivity skills.

How long do I have access to the ebook?
You will have lifetime access to the ebook. The file will be downloaded.

Will I get access to the full ebook and bonuses all at once?
Yes. Additional bonus modules may be added over time.

What if I decide the ebook isn't for me?
We'll be happy to issue you a refund within the first 60 days after your purchase date if you're unhappy for any reason.

Yes, I Want To Use All The Strategies To Increase My Motivation And Stop Procrastinating To Achieve My Goals And Create A Growth Mindset For Success and $138 in FREE BONUSES!